Auction Policy
The Basic Toll-Free Number - Financial Policy:
The Auction here, is not for a Winner paying the most
money to BUY a Toll-Free Number, but it is for the
Winner paying the most money to RENT a
Toll-Free Number.
As you realize, we do not sell Toll-Free Numbers.
The Winner gets almost immediate use of the number,
but their payment is not due, until 45 days after the
Auction ends.The rst 30 days are free, so that the
phone number can be installed, and is working properly.
Going Further into our Financial Policy.
We ONLY request non-nancial information from
potential Bidders. We do not ask for nancial
information from Bidders, before and during an Auction.
After an Auction ends, we request nancial information
from the Winner.
Regarding Cancellation
Bidders and Winners have no Financial Obligation to
our Auction Company. They can stop and cancel their
relationship with the Auction Company, whenever
they want to.
Regarding Rent Payments
The only way rent payments are made, are thru our
Automatic Direct Paymentsystem. The payments can
be made, either from a Bank, a Credit Card, a Debit
Card or an Insurance Company. You make the